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Web Player showing wrong track playing

Hello, I've recently discovered a bug in the Web Player.

I am experiencing this for a while now, so I guess you didn't notice it.


When a playlist is opened and I select a song, the player on the right is showing the correct preview and is playing the right song. But the playlist sometimes says that I'm already listening to the next song or I've even skipped 3 or more songs.






I guess this is being caused by the grayed-out songs in the playlist, because every song before the gray one is displaying correctly but after the gray song it's starting to get weird. If the playlist then has another gray track in it, it is causing the same error as mentioned above but this time skipping 2 songs and then with the next grayed-out song 3 songs and so on.. This can be very confusing if you want to select the next song (at least it is for me).


I hope you understand what I wanted to say, I've included 2 images to make it more clear.

Who Me Too'd this topic