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spotify for ps4 problem

There seems to be a problem with the ps4 app. when I go to play my music, it seems to only play the same 20-30 songs in a playlist of over 600 songs. Ive deleted the app twice and redownloaded it to see if that would fix it but it didnt. Ive also gone into different playlists that have over 100 songs in them and it seems to do the same thing. it only plays songs songs within the first 20 spots of the playlist and then repeats them without playing the rest of the songs. For instance, if i choose the first song in my playlist and its in alphabetical order it will only play songs from A-C and then repeat them. When i have it on shuffle, it only shuffles songs A-C. if i choose a song that starts with O in the same playlist, it will only play 20-30 songs from O-T and then begin to repeat those as well without playing anything else.


i would appreciate some help with this

Who Me Too'd this topic