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delinked facebook, cant log into spotify anymore


Hi guys,

I hope you can help me, because I don't know how to solve this problem.

A few days ago I delinked my facebook and spotify account (I didn't like all my spotify information posting on my facebook account). Today I tried to log into my spotify, but it didn't work. 

Things I tried:

*logging in with different email/username and password combinations (error: wrong password/username combination).

*linking my facebook account to my spotify and logging in with facebook (error: wrong password/username combination).

*deleting spoitfy, downloading it again and try to log in with facebook (wrong password/username etc).

*logging in with my iphone (error 404)

*clicking the 'i forgot my password' link, put in my email, never received an email. When trying again to fill in username/email to request new password it says 'ooops something went wrong'. 

I seriously do not know what to do, my account still exists, but I just can't get in. 


Who Me Too'd this topic