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Android Tablet and Amazon Fire TV Stick with Spotify Connect

Casual Listener

Hi folks,


about 2 weeks ago I got the brand new Fire TV Stick, so that I can use Spotify Connect with my sound system. At the beginning everything worked well and i was pretty impressed, that such a little device has that much power.

But about 4 days ago, I wanted to listen to some music. So i grabbed my tablet and tried to Connect to the Stick. Nothing happened. So I turned on the beamer that is connected to the sound system as well, to see what is going wrong.

I tried to reconnect my tablet around a hundret times to the Stick, but it didn't work and will only tell me: "Hm. Something went wrong!"

That is not really helpful I think. I reinstalled the Connect App for the Stick, and even on the tablet, but nothing worked.

As the Stick is pretty new, I couldn't find any solutions to my problem, so I hope any of you has a good idea for me, because the AUX cable kinda sucks in comparision to the Stick :D




Who Me Too'd this topic