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Spotify Free Only Letting Me Skip Once

After having six skips I close the app (double tapping and swiping up) however when I open the app again it still has the song I played last and only lets me have one skip even if I change playlists. I have deleted and redownloaded the app twice and it hasn't solved it, I also restarted and reset my phone and cleared all my internet browsing history.

A more detailed description, using numbered steps
1. I used my six skips
2. So I closed the app completely
3. When I re-opened the app it still had the same song playing (like I hadn't closed the app)
4. It then won't let me have any more skips
5. I have deleted and re-downloaded and the whole process starts again

My iPad/iPhone model: IPhone 5s

Device’s Operating System

Is your device jailbroken?
Approximately how many playlists do you have?
About 25 playlists, none offline

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Hannah Smith
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