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Not syncing properly with Wifi and other issues

With the new update spotify on my phone will no longer properly connect to my wifi, it keeps showing the not connected message, I have cleared catch and data, uninstalled spotify, restarted my phone and then reform loaded the new version from the play store, I've check my wifi settings on my device and have even restarted my router and it has not fixed the issue. Even when using my 4G lte the app runs extremely slow and will not load playlists/will not allow me to download(with cellular download clicked on) and will also state that the Playlists are unavailable. With all the issues going on I'm getting very agitated and I'm about ready to cancel my supscription, why pay for it when it doesn't ever work properly, its seems to be turning into a waist of money. I personally use spotify every day(it brings me life :P) majority of the day to the point to where I have absolutely no idea what they play on the radio anymore. Please fix this issue as soon as possible or I will be canceling my subscription and requesting a refund for this month's payment.

Please and Thank you.
Who Me Too'd this topic