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[Partnerships] Dear SONOS and Spotify. Get together and give us an answer.

Dear SONOS and Spotify


As one of your thousands (millions?) of customers i am very frustrated that i can’t get a straight answer from either SONOS og Spotify.

The issue is the missing Spotify-functions in SONOS control.


SONOS is sold as Loudspeakers, and they are good at that. Spotify is sold as music library and is excellent as that.


So far so good.


But when it comes to control the music it starts to limp. The SONOS control does not have alle the functions there are in Spotify, and Spotify can’t control SONOS.


We miss the radiofunction and possibility to search and pick playlists without “following” them first. There are surely other missing functions. Why not just implement them all?


There are thousands of comments and prayers on both communities, but no answer.


Some users have different stories about asking both SONOS of Spotify about this, and apparently the two companies are blaming each other.


I dont think it is that simple. There must be more to the story than that. But what?


Please SONOS and Spotify:

Give us an official answer. Join at least in this, so your paying customers can make their choice.


I guess SONOS / Spotify will be the perfect match if you get together ad solve this problem.

This is published on both Spotify and SONOS.


With hope for an constructive answer.


Best regards

Poul Erik


Newly became Rising Star.
Not yet experienced, but willing to learn.
If i can help, don't hesitate to ask. 🙂

Who Me Too'd this topic