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Local Files Playlist, pausing after every song

Basically I added a few local file from my PC onto spoitfy and made a playlist of those songs, it works fine on my computer however on my LG G3 Android, that playlist in particular stops every one or two songs and I have to manually press play again to get it to continue. I've done a lot of searching about this and have seen quite a few others suffering from similar issues, all spoify's FAQ has to say is that this occurs when you have a free account for when you're searching songs, however neither of these is the case, I have a premium account and these are local files, I've tried reinstalling spoitfy on my phone, I've made the playlist available offline on my phone and even tried running the playlist while being in offline mode however the problem persists. If anyone has a solution or Spoitfy could work on a fix soon that would be great.

Also just in case I wasn't clear, it's only happening with this playlist  which is my only 'local files' playlist.

Who Me Too'd this topic