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Can't login to Spotify on Playstation 4

I can't login to Spotify on my Playstation 4 anymore. It worked once without problem, and after logging in, Spotify asked me to link it to my PSN account, which I did. Now when i've tried to login on subsequent tries, the application once more asks me to link my accounts. When I confirm, it says that the Spotify account in question has already been linked to a PSN account and takes me back to the login screen. I know that the PSN account i'm using is the one which is linked to my spotify account, as I have never used another PS4 console nor another PSN account in my life, and nobody else knows my spotify password. I've already contacted playstation support on this issue. They couldn't fix it, and directed me to talk with Spotify about it.


Things i've tried:

- Log out everywhere button, makes no difference

- Log out of PSN, restart PS4, no help

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