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Spotify can't connect - Android app

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I appologise for this being a subject of discussion beforen ow but I cannot find a solution that actually works.

Basically put, I'm using an android phone (Xperia SP) and my Spotify app was working fine the wholetime i've had it but now suddenly this afternoon it's just stopped connectign to the internet. It continuously says it's in offline mode when it's not or that there's no internet connection whic hthere clearly is.

This problem began with no change in the connection of my phone. no settigns had been adjusted at all. the only possible thing was the battery level dropping to about 12% before I plugged it in. but it's about 40% now and still is not working.

I definitaly have "Offline mode" turned OFF i nthe settings, I have tried my usual Wifi, my 4G data roming, and even both. I have gone through my phone's settigns and found nothing prohibiting connection as far as I could see. when I tried logging out and back in it also could not conenctfor quite some time. I have since also tried restartign the app, reinstalling the app, and restartign the phone. nothing is working.


Does anyone have a solution that might help me? if anyone needs more details just ask.

Who Me Too'd this topic