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No Album Covers in Offline-Mode



since weeks i have a problem on my iPhone 6 with iOS 8.4 and the latest Spotify App.

Every Time i go to work i use Spotify and i only hear my offline Songs. i start wondering why it loads every cover again when i start the app First i thought it loads them from my Phone, after a few days i saw that spotify used about 100 MB per Day of my Cellular-Data even when i only listen to my offline Songs, the Problem was Spotify loads every Album-Cover from the Internet again and again and again.


I removed the app, restarted my phone  and load the app again. i sync all my offline songs and i hear a song with the cover just loaded over the Internet. i Close the App compleatly and go to Airplane mode and play the same song again but now without cover. Its the same song i played just a few seconds ago! It dosen't matter if i use airplane mode or go offline-Mode in Spotify or forbid the App to Use Celluar, when Spotify is offline i don't have a single Album-Cover.


Its really anoying and i am pretty sure that in the older Version of the App the Covers where on the Phone and wasen't loaded from the Internet every time i use the App.


i like Spotify but that would be a reason for me to switch to Apple Music, i can't pay for Spotify and a 3GB Data-Volume so Spotify can Load the Covers every day.


I hope you can help me.

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