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Phone disconnects from car Bluetooth when skipping a song on Spotify.

How's that for an oddly specific problem?


Using a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3, Spotify and the car Bluetooth (Suzuki Swift, if that's relevant). 


Phone connects to Bluetooth no problem. 


To the problem: When selecting a song from a playlist or artist (I assume from anywhere else, but I haven't tried) the phone will disconnect from Bluetooth, Spotify will continue playing, silently, then the phone will reconnect, and start playing through the car speakers (already a few seconds progressed into the song). 


The same issue occurs (disconnecting from Bluetooth, then reconnecting) a) when skipping songs (either through the car's Bluetooth controls, or manually on the Spotify app) and b) when the song reaches its end and naturally progresses to the next.


Plot twist, though, if I pause the song, then skip to the next one, it will start playing the new song instantly, with no disconnect issue.


I've tried this with other music playing apps (aka not Spotify) and the issue does not persist.


EDIT: I've tried offline and online, problem persists for both.


I'm sure you can imagine that this is an incredibly annoying issue, and I'd love any support you can offer. Especially given that mobile playing is 95% of the reason I'm paying for premium.

Who Me Too'd this topic