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Installation after Spotify update not possible !


I am running a Win7, 64 BIt Notebook and every time when there is a new Spotify Version available, at the naxt start of Spotify my PC is trying to install, but can not finish.

As a result I am not able to open Spotify in any way !!! 😞

It is not possible to open the old version, because every time when I hit the Icon the PC tries to install again and again ...(without finishing).


So every time that happens, I have to delete all data files, download the latest version from the homepage and install (like you do when you are new at Spotify).


What is going wrong ?



BTW: I can remember that in the past Spotify was asking if woul want to update and as long as you declined that, the current version was running very well. Now you don´t have a choice !

Who Me Too'd this topic