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Spotify Skips or Pauses Music



I have recently just started having an issue with Spotify skipping during songs, pausing, or moving to the next song altogether. This issue is occuring on both my Android device and PlayStation 4.  These problems do not exist on my desktop.  I am not sure what could cause this issue; however, I have tried reinstalling the app on my phone with no results.  I have tried logging out and back in as well as simply restarting the app and still nothing.  The skipping occurs with both live streaming and downloaded playlists.  This is extremely frustrating, as I am a premium member and would like to keep getting my money's worth out of this service.  Any ideas?  


Phone:  Sony XperiaZ3

Service:  Verizon Wireless

Android Version: 4.4.4

Spotify Version:


***Also occuring while using Spotify Connect on PS4, or just using the app on the PS4 system***



Who Me Too'd this topic