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Changing payment method on old payment plan

I have an old payment plan for €4,99 that works fine to me.

Apparently you can only sign up for 9,99 now, but when I started with Spotify you also had the 4,99 plan (=mobile not included)


I want to change the payment method though, and my account info says: you're using Spotify Free (which isn't true) and the only thing I can change is update to Spotify Premium (which I don't want)


I only want to pay from creditCard, instead of PayPal, but since my accout information says I'm not having a paid account, I cannot acces my paymentmethods.


I do pay the 4,99 every month, Who helps me changing the payment method On the Old Account?


Thanks in advance,

Suzanne Olde Rikkert

Who Me Too'd this topic