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Account hacked/taken over.

Casual Listener

So I saved an album to my phone this morning and thought I'd check what others I'd got saved as to free some space. Looking in my albums I had a load of artists I'd never heard of, all rap artists.

I then went to playlists and had 0, whereas I know I had at least 20 that I'd been creating for years.

My followed artists were all rappers and none of the artists I like were there anymore.

So it seems someone took over my account.

On logging into spotify.com on my mac I went to devices and there was an Android there, I disconnected all remote devices and changed my password, also changed the linked facebook password just in case.

I managed to recover just one playlist, which was my starred list but none of the others are there anymore.


Is there any way to recover all my artists and saved albums that I had previously.


Its not as though my password was easy, it was uppercase/lowercase randomised characters and only used on here.


Bit annoyed.

Who Me Too'd this topic