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Spotify iOS App v4.3.0 Crash on Launch

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Brief description of the issue:

Since update v4.3.0 Spotify crashes on launch immediately after logging in with account details, and every subsequent time after that.


Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Updated iOS app like anyone normally would through the on-device App Store
  2. Launched the app - it crashed after bringing up a blank UI
  3. Rebooted my iPad - it still crashes on app launch
  4. Soft-reset my iPad (holding Home + Power) - it still crashes on app launch
  5. Reinstalled Spotify App Normally (press "X" to delete app, reinstall from App Store) - it still crashes on app launch
  6. Performed "Clean Reinstallation" (clearning of cache/residual memory)
    a) Uninstalled Spotify App Normally
    b) Rebooted iPad Normally
    c) Soft-reset iPad (holding Home + Power)
    d) Installed Spotify App from App Store again - it still crashes on app launch

What steps you’ve tried already:

Normal reinstallation and "Clean Reinstallation" as noted above.


Your device and operating system:

iOS 8.4.1 (12H321) on iPad 4 128GB WiFi (ME392C/A)


Type of Spotify account you have (Free or Premium):



The app version of Spotify you’re using:

4.3.0 (last version 4.2.0 was working fine)


Any screenshots, if they can help to explain your issue:

App crashes so fast there is no time to even screenshot the empty "placeholder" UI



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