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Make Playlists In A Folder Available Offline And Other Solutions



I've read theric and thelimopit posts now hoping that an idea like their was something spotify was working on. Link to posts here and here.


I'm looking for a feature letting us make a folder available offline, with all it's containing playlists of course. XD


I have a lot of folders, I like to structure things 😛

And more than 300 playlists, maybe more than 400, I've got one for each artist i listen to :3


The problem is that, sometimes spotify just decides to remove all my offline music, or something else happens that removes all my offline music, and that's where the fun starts, Gotta right click all them playlists XD or click into them and press the make available offline button. 


Other solutions:

Let us mark several playlists as you can do with folders in the OS (e.g. Windows 7), pressing CTRL + Left Clicking, or Shift + Left Clicking and then for eksample Right Click on one of the marked playlists and click Available Offline as you can do with one playlist at a time now.

Who Me Too'd this topic