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Play stutters when streaming

Hi there


I'm not sure where this post should go.


I'm having trouble with my premium spotify account.


When connecting spotify to my speakers it stutters constantly. I have tried playing from multiple devices - android, iphone, ipad - all with the same result. I have also tried playing it to another set of speakers and have the same issue. So I know it's not my speakers.


I know it's not my internet connection either because I have no problems at all with Netflix etc.


Which means it must be a problem with Spotify.

I have tried all the different suggestions in the solutions section of the Spotify website - still no luck.


These were as follows:

  1. Try accessing the Internet to make sure your web connection is active.
  2. Log out and back in.
  3. Restart by holding Home and Lock for ten seconds.
  4. Do a clean reinstallation.


Please help! It's not worth the $12 per month if I can't fix this problem.




Who Me Too'd this topic