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No longer able to login to Spotify on ONKYO AVR TX-NR709

Have been happily using Spotify (on Premium account) on Onkyo TX-NR709 for a few years now. Then I recently decided to share a new playlist on Facebook. Was asked by Spotify to connect to my Facebook acccount which I did. The shared playlist came through on my FB.


Horror then hit. I then noticed about a day later that the Spotify playlists on my Onkyo AVR was not updated. I decided to log out and log back in to Spotify on Onkyo and had problems - Login error. Tried chaning passwords on Spotify and re-tried a few times. No luck. Used the ONKYO reset (pressing the VCR/DVR and ON/Standby buttons together) to clear and tried to re-login to Spotify. No luck.


While doing above, all the while, I could continue to use Spotify on my notebook and mobile. I even tried disconnecting my Spotify acccount with Facebook. No luck still.


Any help will be greatly grealty appreciated. Will miss playing Spotify through my home audio system. One of the reasons why I signed up for Premium. HELP!!!!

Who Me Too'd this topic