Spotify connect handover problem to an Argon Streamer 2 device

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I am having a problem with a Spotify connect handover from an Android telephone over to an Argon Audio Streamer 2 device, that I am hoping to get some tips on how to solve. 


I have a Spotify premium account and an Argon Audio Streamer 2 device with spotify connect support, which I have connected to my stereo equipment at home. Untill just now, I have not had any proplems redirecting the spotify playback to the Argon device from my Samsung Android device. Now as usual the Spotify app shows the Argon device as an available spotify connect device. However, when I choose it for the playback it tries to connect but seems to fail and the playback continues on my telephone. When this happens, the Spotify status on my Argon device is "Waiting for Users".


I have no problem with the music player on the Argon device. I can play music files I have on a DLNA server without any problems. So this problem I have is Spotify specific.


Any tips on how to solve this I would be greatly appreciated.

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