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Spotify and Volume Boosters


Ok, so here goes.


I have signed up for Spotify premium for a while now, but am seriously thinking about just dumping the whole thing if I can't get this to work properly. Why would I continue to pay $120 a year for something that doesn't work right? 


I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge- just bought in October. When I tried to use Spotify, the volume was inaudible on my bluetooth speakers. So I downloaded a volume booster called Speaker Boost Pro. The thing is, it works fine for bluetooth audio (I can hear the clicks of my phone over the speakers as I navigate thru the apps) and it works fine with Soundcloud. It doesn't work properly with Spotify. Here's what happens:


Starting a song with the Speaker Boot will work, as long as I DON'T change the song. Then the volume reverts back to inaudible levels. Also, the volume will randomly drop, even when I don't change the currently playing song to a new one. Then I can't get the volume booster to work, unless I restart the phone and then reopen my Bluetooth connection and reopen Spotify again. This takes a couple of minutes and is aggravating. So my questions are:


What is the official line on using Spotify with volume booster apps (specifically Speaker Boost Pro for Android)? 


Why does it seem to work for my phone and other music players, but not Spotify?


I've tried uninstalling Spotify, and then reinstalling the newest version, the older versions from APK 2.8 (I think?), tried uninstalling the volume booster and just playing Spotify without it (back to square one, an it produced predictable low volume), then reinstalled the volume booster (same headaches).


I read turning the EQ off might help, but when I go to the settings, it's not readily apparent to me where the on/off switch is for the EQ. It says "Equalizer" and "Open the control panel" then I get a notice that I should disable it if I experience difficulties, but how? I looked at Sound effects panel, everything's OFF. Back to the main eq screen, it says "Normal" but there's no "disable" function? Clicked on the "details button and nothing there that says "turn me off".


I also noticed that even though I installed the earlier version, it looks like Spotify updated itself to version 4.3, rendering that fix useless.


I'm trying really hard here, but I'm about to give up and cancel my premium subscription. I've attached the APK that I tried to revert to if anyone is interested. Also the Speaker Boost app I am using (the only one that seemed to work for my phone) is at the Google Play store here:


Any thoughts?

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