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Can't Sync Local Songs to Playlists for Offline Use

I've looked through several guides and threads on this topic to no avail, so if the solution has been posted elsewhere (that actually works), forgive me.


In short, songs from my PC will not sync to play on my phone at all.  They play just fine on my PC, but they're already on my PC.  My phone can see them in any playlist I put them in, but they're greyed out and don't have the grey arrow that unsynced Spotify songs have.  Spotify songs that I add all sync up just fine but none of my local ones do.  I can't even play my local songs on my phone regardless of whether or not I'm in offline mode.  Just to make it clear, yes I am on premium.


Of the issues I've seen proposed, I have done the following:


  • Turned off mobile data
  • Made sure both devices were on the same wifi network
  • Disabled firewall
  • Made sure I had at least 1gb of available space on my phone
  • Uninstalled and reinstalled the apps on both pc and phone
  • Deleted and remade playlists
  • Tinkered with local file settings
  • Turned on and off available offline switch

This is all I recall reading about so I troubleshooted for all of these and it solved nothing.  I have some hard to get soundtracks from series I really like that I'd love to integrate into my music playlists at large and I just can't get it to work.  Are there any other solutions out there I haven't stumbled across that might have my answer?


Thanks for reading.  🙂

Who Me Too'd this topic