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Occasionally, songs end too early

Hi everyone,


I'm using Spotify on my Oneplus X (Android 5.1.1, Oxygen OS 2.1.3). When I'm listening to songs offline, and without WiFi, I occasionally experience songs ending too early, skipping to the next one before they have ended (mostly, the last couple of seconds are cut off).


What's more, it does not happen consistently. The skipped portion is not equally long every song, and sometimes it does not occur at all. 


When I prepared a playlist for offline playback, I let it download completely, until the icon turns green. I notice that, overnight, mostly this icon turns grey again (it seems to "lose" about 10 songs, which will be not be available offline anymore).


Could this be a bug? I'm just curious how this could be solved. One thing that would come to mind is the crossfade failing, but when I look it up, I have this option disabled (no crossfade).




Who Me Too'd this topic