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Windows 10 mobile constant reload

Spotify app version 5.1.5529

Windows 10 mobile latest public update in Sweden. Microsot Lumia 950 phone.


The spotify app starts and loads my playlist, withing 2-3 seconds it reloads with the dimmed screen and the reload text center of screen.

I can start a song, 3 seconds, it starts to reload, 5-10 seconds later it stops, I start a song, 3-4 seconds later it starts to reload.

I leave it alone and it can start and stop the reloading over and over again.


This happens regardless of wireless or 3G connectivity with full reception.


Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app.

Have logged out and in again.

Have a playlist of 120 albums, perhaps 1500 songs in total.


If I diconnect the wireless and data connectivity, it stops the reload and I can start to play off-line. Switch back the connectivity and sometimes I can get it to work normal.


Anyone else with this increadibly anoying thing?

Any updates coming our way?



Who Me Too'd this topic