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Followed link on Spotify, clicked premium, and NOW I discover it costs more...?!?

Hello - I'm in th UK and a Spotify Unlimited customer who's had an 'Upgrade to Premium' banner at the top of my application for a looong time. On a whim, I clicked it today and it took me to a Spotify webpage that suggested I upgrade to all of the benefits of Spotify Premium. It did *not* say this would cost more money, so I presumed that all would be explained on the 'next' page... which I could only access by checking the box...


Anyway, I checked the box, it informed me that I now had upgraded to Premium... and they'd be taking £9.99 from me. 


WTF, Spotify? Because I can see no button to 'downgrade' back to my Unlimited account... and a little bit of research shows that you no longer offer an 'Unlimited Service'.


Have I just been scammed by a company? If so, shame on you - because I can't even begin to imagine it's legal in a European country to take money for a subscription without explaining the terms first.


Anyone else able to confirm whether I've got this right or not?


Thanks in advance. 



Who Me Too'd this topic