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Premium account - saved albums wont play offline


Hi there


I've been a premium account holder for over a year and have always been able to play the music I've downloaded (with the 'available offline' box checked) via my ipad when offline.


However the last couple of months I've been having trouble with playing the music when offline. The album cover appears, but without songs, and a message says I've not saved any songs for that album - although when I access wifi the songs are there and the relevant download arrow is green.


I recently reinstalled the app and went through the process of re-saving albums to play offline.  It worked for a couple of days, but now the same issue is happening again, none of the saved music is playing when I'm away from wifi.


I appear to have enough memory (2.8GB) so I'm wondering if anyone else has had a simiilar problem and can shed some light on this??

Many thanks!







Who Me Too'd this topic