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Spotify Premium Student Error

" Hey, so I was on Spotify's Thanksgiving Premium for 3 months and loved it. But, it expired today, and I thought of permanently upgrading to premium. Since, I am a student at SUNY Plattsburgh, I figured I qualified for the student discount. But, when I tried once, it gave me some weird error and did not upgrade my subscription, but still charged me on my card. I thought this was an error and tried refreshing the page, and then it said me to re-enter my card details, and when I did it charged me again, but gave me an error yet still charged me. So, even though I am qualified for the so-called Student Premium, I am being charged and yet not being given the benefits. SO, please could anyone help me out real quick. You'd be losing a really good customer if you don't care." 


Hey everyone this is my first time posting on this forum, but I can't stress out how fraustated I am right now with spotify. I have tried reaching out to them, and all they do is just give out a random computer generated email. Really disappointed. It would be great if anyone could help me out in this situation.

Who Me Too'd this topic