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I sent my issue to spotify customer service via their contact form. They told me that they are "sure" I will get the help I need by posting on the community forum and by looking at the help page. Really? Oh well, I'll give it a try. Here is a redacted version of the issue they believe this community will ably solve:

I do not have a paid spotify subscription. My username is ________ My email address is _________. My account info confirms that I'm a "free" subscriber. Despite this, I am charged each and every month. I am charged w/ a credit card that I no longer have on an account that I have tried to close. Each month, you cost me $9.99 that I didn't authorize PLUS the $35.00 overdraft fee since I don't use the account. That's $45 per month. PLUS since you keep charging me and won't/can't stop, I get charged $30 for my monthly premium bank account fee. I can't close the bank account because you keep charging it and setting it into overdraft status. I pay $75 each and every month for something I didn't authorize, don't use, and can't cancel. I can't cancel it because you have no record of my account being a premium account.

Are there any other places I should post this?
They suggested Twitter.

Who Me Too'd this topic