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Playing local files on an Android phone




This may be a little unusual and difficult to explain, so please bear with me.


I collect a lot of individual tracks for dance training, and I used to buy mp3s and edit the album information to one massive album (>500 songs) which I could randomise. Played it through Windows Media Player on my PC when at home, transferred those local files to my Samsung Z1 compact and played them on Google Play Music through a bluetooth speaker when in a studio.


I decided to move to Spotify Premium because it would be easier to keep up with new music. Using Spotify on my PC I imported this huge album I'd created and saved it as a playlist, and started adding new music to this. All fine and I could play it off my computer.


However, when trying to use this playlist on my phone I can only play those tracks that I added to it from Spotify, not those which I imported as local files from my computer, although I have those identical files local on my phone as well. I guess it's pretty reasonable that Spotify wouldn't recognise those files files as being the same as the PC ones. 


Is there any way round this? So far the only alternative I've found is to use Google Play Premium...

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