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This Song Is Not Available



I am a premium use for about 3 years now and I have never had any issues with Spotify on my Android until about a week or two ago. Now it constantly stops in the playlists and it constatnly says "Song is not available" when I know it is, even if it is downloaded and in offline mode! I can play all the same songs on my desktop, but my phone won't play anything!


For example, I will have a playlist of about 45 songs from all different artists and such. It would always play all the songs and all of them are on Spotify and available. So I hit shuffle and of the 45 songs it will play maybe 7. So when I check why it did not play all the other songs, it says "This song is not available". I have whole albums in my saved folder that are "not avialable" according to the Spotify app....


What is going on? I downloaded Pandora, but I really don't want to cancel Spotify....Please help!


Also, I have a Samsung S7 Edge with Android Version 6.0.1



Who Me Too'd this topic