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Spotify choppy while using Chromecast Audio (Not a WiFi issue)

I LOVE spoitfy and play it loud through my 200Watt speaker system. 

Up until recently I used a phisical connection from my phone to the amplifier.

I bought a Chromecast audio so I could remote stream Spotify. Unfortunately it is jerky and intermittant.

I have used other apps to cast to Chromecast perfectly so I know its not an issue with my wifi or the Chormecast itself.

I'm pretty sure its the actual Spotify Android App that is the problem.

Is this a known issue?


In the mean time I have had to suspend my subscription and use Google Music instead. I have just discovered that the family option for 6 people to use Google music is only 17 bucks.

I really did enjoy Spotify, but have had to resort to other streaming services.

I hope that others dont finish up doing the same.

Who Me Too'd this topic