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Spotify won't login to Facebook


Okay so I restarted my laptop just before and went to open Spotify, but for some weird reason it had logged out (I always keep it logged in).

I clicked on log in with facebook, but once it attempts that, it'll say "The username or password is incorrect. (Error code: 3)"

I have already tried most solutions on other forums, but nothing has worked so far.

I tried:

- Logging in manually, trying both my email address and my email address without the @hotmail.com bit.

- Resetting my password through Facebook.

- Deleting the Spotify app through my Facebook app settings.

- Deleting spotify off my laptop and re-installing it.

- Restarting my laptop.

None of these options have worked so far and it's really annoying me.

Would anyone else have any possible solutions?

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Who Me Too'd this topic