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Spotify connects to Chromecast but doesnt play


I was wondering if anyone is having the same trouble as me when it comes to Spotify and Chromecast.


I never have any issues connecting to Chromecast, as it always appears on Spotify's select device playlist. My trouble begins when I try to play music. If I press play in the app the Spotiy interface on my TV changes from a pause icon to a play icon and then back to a pause icon within a second, allowing no music to be played. This happens no what how much I press play, meaning I cant play music over Chromecast.

I have tried playing music on both Android and iOS so it must be a Chromecast issue.


Yes I have performed a Factory Data Reset on my Chromecast (1st Gen)

Has anyone had this problem before and know how to rectify it?

Who Me Too'd this topic