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Someone had added a new device to my account and was playing music. It wouldn't let me remove it.


I glanced at my phone this morning, and someone had added a device named "Christina" to my account, which I could not remove by itself. 


I kept removing the device and it kept telling me "Cannot remove this device"


SO I did what anyone would do to a freeloader listening to Bieber and Nipsey Hussle, I gave them a strict regimen of grindcore, over and over and over until they quit. 


But seriously spotify. I only use this password on my spotify account, and don't have it saved anywhere. What kind of network security are you using? 


I finally just logged out all devices, removed all devices, and changed my password. But I shouldn't have to do that. Give me a good reason not to leave and go to google music instead, please.

Who Me Too'd this topic

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