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After I while, iOS forgets Spotify last played song



  1. Open Spotify
  2. Listen to a song on Spotify on my iPhone
  3. Stop song
  4. Press iPhone button and switch to another app
  5. Swipe up iOS Control Center which will show the song info and the playback controls

When I then go back to Spotify, it will remember what song I was listening to and will let me continue. However, if I wait for a while (maybe one hour?) and go back to Spotify, it will bring me back to the Spotify main screen, just like it restarted the Spotify app.  This forces me to navigate go back to the playlist I had previously selected and press play, which obvioulsy is annoying, and it also prevents me from pressing play from my headphone controls    I also see that on the ios Control Center where it shows the word Spotify, but the song info is gone and the playback controls are disabled.

Does anyone else have the same issue?  

Who Me Too'd this topic