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28 April 2016 update made client redownload offline songs


More of a heads up and a gripe than a support issue, but this was incredibly annoying to wake up to.


Last night, Spotify updated itself.  This morning when I fired it up before hopping in the car for my commute, I was greeted with a progress bar: "0 out of 1016 songs downloaded"


I have no idea what in the recent changelist would invalidate the download cache, but this is not a thing I would expect to happen with a Spotify update.


It's frustrating to me because the app in general has performance issues, and these issues are exacerbated when the app is downloading songs.  As such, I didn't use Spotify this morning (streaming to my 3G phone has lots of problems, which is why I keep playlists offline!), and I'm considering turning updates off if this sort of thing is going to keep happening.

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