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Premium subcription via Mobile Provider Drei.at not working

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Dear Community,


maybe you can help me in this issue:


Until yesterday, I was a Premium Member and paid the monthly fee directly to Spotify via Credit Card.


As a new customer with my Mobile Phone Company - Hutchison Drei Austria GmbH - www.drei.at - they offered me 6 month free Premium and more importantly if I use Spotify and pay via my monthly phone bill - all the mobile downloads will be included, without any limit.


For this reason I carefully followed their detailed description on their webpage on how to change a current Premium account so that it runs via Drei.at. However, it did not work and I ended up with my cancelled Premium account, now on Free, AND their system saying that I succesfully signed up for Premium!


What happened next was like I expected: My phone company says "Everything correct with us, WE CANNOT HELP YOU. This is Spotify's business. It's their service"


And Spotify says the same, I think, because I cannot find a way to contact someone for troubleshooting and in this forum I found a similar case...


So, what to do?





Who Me Too'd this topic