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Spotify - Connection extremely slow

This is the third time I'm posting my issue.


Hope this time someone will try to read instead of deleting my posts.


Spotify does not work at home. I have high speed internet connection and except spotify everything works fine.


I tried:

Re-installing spotify

changing the song quality

changing hardware acceleration settings

clearing the local cache folder

restarting my router

restarting my computer


I continously get "can't play this song" error, and/or songs buffer in 5 seconds long parts then stop again.


I noticed that after half an hour or so it starts to get better.


I'm living in Qatar and my ISP is ooredoo


When I use cellular data on my android device there is no problem, but at home connected to my home wifi, they don't work either, including the web player


Has anyone has any suggestions please?


*Edit: I'm a premium user


Who Me Too'd this topic