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Spotify keeps automatically switching downloads to internal storage

I have a Samsung phone with about 8gb of internal storage and a 64gb external sd card. Naturally I would want to store my Spotify downloads om my external sd card. This seems to work fine for a while, but shortly after Spotify automatically switches to internal storage. This has the following effects:

- my internal sd fills up to the point that my device is not functioning properly (as there is not much free space left on my internal storage)
- I immediately lose all the downloads on my sd card. Even when I switch back the storage to external sd all my previous downloads are gone.
- Sometimes I have to manually recheck all things in my library that I want downloaded, which is a very annoying process that costs me a lot of time

This keeps happening every time I restore my downloads. It takes anywhere between a couple of hours to 2 days for the issue to arise again. My other apps don't seem to have any issues with reading from my external sd.

I have reset or reinstalled the app multiple times but the issue persists. As a side-effect of me reinstalling the app so many times, Spotify had also sometimes removed all my downloads because it thought I had downloaded to more than 3 devices (which in reality was just the same device added multiple times).

Is there any way to prevent Spotify from automatically switching to my internal sd? If Spotify has an issue with reading my sd card, I would prefer they would notify me and ask me if I want to switch to internal storage instead of doing so automatically.
When it does switch, is there any way for me to let Spotify switch back to the caching files on my external sd? The files are still there, but as soon as I switch spotify to external storage it just wipes everything that's already there.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I use Spotify alot so it is really frustrating to run into this issue on a daily basis.
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