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"Turn off Airplane mode" message pops up EVERY time app is opened when in airplane mode -- why?

I fly frequently so I often find myself listening to saved playlists in Spotify while in airplane mode. However, EVERY single time you open the app when airplane mode is turned on, it pops up the "turn off airplane mode..." prompt, which you have to dismiss in order to do anything. I understand the logic behind posting the the prompt the first time the app is run in airplane mode, but seeing as in 99% of use cases the user would have intentionally turned it on and would only need to be reminded of the no-data access limitation when trying to play a track that isn't locally stored, I don't think it makes any sense to bug the user every time they open up the app to skip tracks/change volume/change playlists. It's kind of obnoxious. Apple's Messages app used to do the same thing but at some point it assumes the user understands and stopps with the annoying popup.

Who Me Too'd this topic