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[All Platforms][Shows] Spotify Pre-Sale Codes

I just noticed that there is a spotify pre-sale code for the Glass Animals show here in DC in September. I am a Spotify Premium user, I follow Glass Animals on Spotify and I have several Glass Animals songs sprinkled amongst my personal playlists, so I'm wondering why I didn't get the Spotify presale code. If people like me dont get them, then who does?


I think this feature is amazing bc I'm always trying to find new ways to ensure that I actually get first sale tix for shows instead of the gross super marked up resale tickets so I really hope that Spotify can fix the glitches to make sure that paying users that follow artists get presale codes.


If anyone can help me out with the spotify code for the Echostage Glass Animals show I would really really appreciate it!


Thx fam ❤️  

Who Me Too'd this topic