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Ford Sync Malfunctioning with Spotify

Gig Goer

So I am aware that Spotify released an update over the weekend to restrict access to the phone app while you are driving (for safety reasons I'm assuming). They are essentially forcing us to use the Ford Sync Spotify app instead of the Spotify app on our phones which would be fine if the actual Sync Spotify worked, but it just stays frozen on my Ford. If I press play, next, nothing happens. Does not show any of my playlists either.

In conclusion, I have absolutely no way of using Spotify in either of my Ford vehicles and I know I'm not the only one. Spotify, please revert back to the previous version until you can release a working update for Ford Sync. Really disapointting since I've been a premium member for over a year and really like the service. You guys just broke something that didn't even need fixing... what are you thinking?

Who Me Too'd this topic