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Problem logging in to Android app - PC browser access to account is fine

Casual Listener

So I try to log in to the app in my Android phone and it keeps complaining that the ID or password are invalid. They work perfectly for me to access my account on spotify.com.

Then Spotify has to customer care number! I'm a premium customer (for now), please help me fix this problem.


Let's skip the easy ones: Yes, I double checked the password, it's right, I even changed it a couple of times to no avail (it still worked on the browser); yes, the user ID is right, checked that too; No, my keyboard app didn't add a whitespace or weird character and works perfectly, I never had a log in problem to other apps that was related to my keyboard.



P.S.: Please create a customer care phone number or better yet, a live chat. Thanks.

Who Me Too'd this topic