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account Fu&^%ery


Had facebook.

Have premium spotify account.

Deleted facebook.

Cannot log into account now.

Try to reset login information. Can’t have to log into facebook. Not possible.

Try to post to the help forum. Need to log in to do so. Can’t access account so I can’t access help forum.

Create A NEW F&*^&^%ing spotify account. Cant. Email already in use. FML.

Make new email. Make new spotify account. Post here pissed.

I want my premium subscription transferred to my new account. If this is not possible I want my subscription cancelled. I tried calling the 1800 number listed for spotify. It’s just a dial tone. Reported to BBB for lack of clear and available instructions to cancel a subscription based account.

I have also sent an email to spoitfy support. No reply.

What the f&^&^%$k Spotify. How much does FB pay for the user data that you make this so convoluted to manipulate accounts.


Who Me Too'd this topic

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