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android notifications and Spotify



I have Lenovo Vibe X3. Recently I updated my phone to Android 6.0.1.  and using premium Spotify.  My issue are all of the sound notifications that disrupt the music. Whenever I listen to the music and a message on whatsapp, viber , facebook, twitter or email comes the audio lowers /which is good/ but sometimes fails to rise up to previous level and just stays at the level that is set up for notifications to be audible. Then after several messages it randomly rises or gets stuck again at low volume. Another issue is a skip/pause in the music that REALLY annoys me. Funny but the skips/pauses won't appear when playing music over Bluetooth in my car. When message comes /over bluetooth/ it plays fine with no interruptions.  I think it was working better before with an older android version. 

I think it would be great to have some kind of "audio focus" controll option - like some other audio players have where you choose what the player does when you get a message, or even a call - you can set up audio levels, player behaviour /music pause, how much the audio lowers, etc... or maybe an option to turn off any sound interruptions when you want to listen to the music. /vibrate only on notification/ I'm a music lover that's why I paid for the subscription and I'd love to listen to my music without wanting to bite someone's neck when the audio pauses for a second when I receive a notification or then try to rise the volume back up again when it gets stuck..



Who Me Too'd this topic