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It says my login is incorrect even though it sort of logs in

When I try to log in on my Spotify account with my username and password, of which I am entirely sure that they are correct, it tells me that either is incorrect. However, it does not do so immediately. It shows my normal screen, with my username on the top right and my playlists on the bottom left, as screencapped below. Then after two seconds it shows the error. When I put in a random password it does not do that little log-in part.




Normally it does not prompt me to log-in anyway, I guess it does it now because I activated a free Premium month. Nevertheless I am absolutely sure that the password I enter is correct and I have logged into it on many different computers and the Web player in the past. 


I presume this account still uses my old email-address and I have forgotten to change it, as that email-address has been discontinued and I do not receive the reset password e-mail.


So I guess my password is changed now anyway because I tried resetting my password, however I still get the short log-in thing described above. I was hoping there would be a way to gain entry to my account again without being able to receive the e-mail, because I got into this situation because of no fault of my own.



Who Me Too'd this topic