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Next song won't load / freezes (Multiple Devices) on one network


So I have a really unique issue where a number of my devices will only complete the playback of one song before freezing (or taking upwards of 5 minutes to change to the next song). What makes this particularly interesting is that it only occurs via one of my routers on my network.


To explain further:


I run two routers on my LAN: A DSL router with DHCP and wireless AP, and a cable router without DHCP enabled. All Spotify devices are assigned to my DSL router via DHCP. However, playback essentially fails after the first song (unless I skip the song early). This includes my Sony Android TV, PlayStation 4 and Bose SoundTouch 20. This does not seem to happen with my iOS devices (iPhone 6S+ and iPad Air) and via the desktop application on one of my PCs.

However, when I assign the devices to my cable router statically (DHCP is off), songs will change successfully with no issue.


I have tried just about everything:


  • Signing out of all devices
  • Logging in via username instead of Facebook / Spotify Connect
  • Reducing the stream quality
  • Reinstalling the application on each device

I've also tried the following network changes:


  • Disabling the cable router
  • Resetting DSL router to factory defaults
  • Static IPs on the DSL router
  • Using ethernet and wireless connections
  • Port forwarding
  • Trying the MTU setting some have suggested for the PS4
  • Using Google DNS settings


My DSL connection is rock solid at 20/2 whilst my cable connection runs at 100/2. I know the cable connection is better, but my preference is to have Spotify devices running via the DSL.


If anyone can help, it would be much appreciated!

Who Me Too'd this topic

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