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WTF??! I cannot download my Playlists!!!


I just got that premium package a few days ago and i keep on trying to download my playlists, but it won't work. I am doing this via my wifi at home. No matter, which playlist i try, it will only download to approx. 30%, than it stops an does nothing more. I can also only start downloading 1 playlist like this, if i try to download another one at the same time, it will only show 0% and nothing happens.


I am having a german version on my mobile. An the settings menu is quite small - i cannot tell the programm, where to store the data. Anyways, I have 770MB free on my phone, and 12 GB on my card, so there should be enough room....

I already uninstalled the program and brought it up again, but this would not work either.



Who Me Too'd this topic