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Android App sucks....

I've been a user of Spotify for about 2 weeks now. I love it. I made the switch from Google Play to this.

The desktop version is great!

The Android version. Well. It's soo bad I'm contemplating moving back to Google Play.

I cannot seem to reach out to anybody for help. There is no contact us anywhere... So I'll post here to see if there is any solutions.

Im using an LG G4. And before I go into my issues... I'll explain what I have all done to fix all these issues.

Reformatted SD card 10+ times.

Replaced SD card with a new one, different brand. Kingston being the first one, Samsung being the new one. Both are 64gb.

I have done the clean removal of the app, removed the cache and temp files.

I redid the phone to stock.

I tested preformance of my sd card by loading my card up with FLAC files and played music from it all day. No issues.

That said here are my issues. Music either stutters, pauses or simply does not play that has been downloaded on to my phones sd card.

The application randomly removes songs it has downloaded and says I cannot play them while in offline mode...

It takes a very long time to start up. And over all the application is very sluggish even when there isn't much running in the background.

Randomly logs me out while in offline mode. Making me go back online to log in... Uhhh this one makes zero sense specially in a 3 hour time frame.

Bluetooth is horrible. Playback is ok. When it works... Vehicle controls work maybe 60% of the time. Usually requires me to close the app and then load it again just to get it going.

I am really confused as to how this app has all these issues. When you download a song for offline play. It should just be exactly that.

Im almost thinking they have these songs encoded or encrpyted to ensure they can only be used by the application. If they do this for each file... I can see why the application has an issue after you hit a number of songs. Me... I love lots of music, so I have about 1200 songs downloaded. If it has to decrpyt or do anything to all those songs then the issues I'm having make sense and Spotify should look into a better solution for this.

If anybody has any solutions for me to try. Let me know. 🙂
Who Me Too'd this topic